Athens 2024 ROOTS SUMMIT

Topic: ROOTS SUMMIT promises a full programme of "Must See" speakers and much more!

09.-12.05.2024 Eugenides Foundation,

The mission of ROOTS SUMMIT is to be an open and inclusive global learning forum accessible to anyone involved in the practice of endodontic therapy.

ROOTS SUMMIT is the premier global discussion forum for the dental specialty of endodontics. The meeting originally started as a mailing list of a large group of endodontic enthusiasts in the 1990s. Since the establishment of a dedicated Facebook group in 2012, ROOTS SUMMIT has increased its membership from just under 1,000 participants to its current level of more than 29,000, including many global endodontic opinion leaders. Well over 100 countries are currently represented in the group.

Previous ROOTS SUMMITs have been held all over the world, including Canada, the US, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, the UAE, Germany and the Czech Republic. These meetings are known for the strength of their scientific programme and their relevancy to clinical practice. For the 2022 edition, the organisers partnered with Dental Tribune International for the third time and will do so again in 2024, when ROOTS SUMMIT will be held in Athens.
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Eugenides Foundation,

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Please Note: More hands-on courses will follow in the coming weeks.

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